Halloween Parade @ Balfour October 28, 2023

Halloween Parade @ Eastern Star October 28, 2023

Holiday Parade @ Eastern Star December 17, 2023

Left to right -Penguin David (evaluator), Santa Paws Moira and her elf Marie, Jackie and Santa Suki, MS Santa Zoey and Gisella, Bruce and Christmas Tree Eevee.

Holiday Parade at Balfour Central Park December 17, 2022

left to right- Koda (being ridden by a squirrel), elf Marie, (not pouting) Diesel and Sarah, Eevee and Bruce.

Halloween at Balfour Central Park October 22, 2022

left to right -Trevor, Devil Koda and Samantha, Gladiator Diesel and Chef Sarah, Penguin David, Dr Watson Moira and Sherlock Holmes Marie

Halloween at Eastern Star October 29 2022

left to right-Larry and Jackie with Superdog Suki, Vamprise Gisella with Zoey, Moira and Marie as Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Jude dog, Trixie dinosaur and cowboy Rob, Penguin David

Hampden Denver Library 2022-2023

Moira at Anythink Wright Farms

Moira at Rodolfo Gonzales Brach Denver Library