Our Founders:

Marie Seelmeyer and Zoe Marie Seelmeyer and Henry

Marie Seelmeyer and Maverick

Gisella Bassani and Zoey

Our Evaluators:

Marie Seelmeyer-Lead Evaluator
David Hoffman

2022 Volunteer of the Year

Bruce Randel

Our Teams:

Our First Certified Team:

Gisella, Zoey and Ziggy ( October, 2016)

Current Teams:

Gisella and Zoey (certified 2016) Marie and Henry (certifed 2017)

Rob/ Jude (not pictured) and Trixie (certified 2018)
Jackie and Moose (certified 2018)

Jackie and Squirrel (Certified 2018)

Sarah and Diesel
(Cerified 2019)
Samantha, Koda and Trevor
( Certified 2021)

Marie and Zoe (certified 2019) Bruce and Eevee (Certified 2021)

Marie and Maverick (Certified 2023)

Larry, Jackie and Rosie (certified 2023)